Story & Values

Our Story

Twenty years ago, we founded rag & bone on a belief in uncompromising ideals: a commitment to doing things the right way, not the easy way. To making things that are as original as they are timeless. To being true to ourselves - even when that truth sets ups aspart from the mainstream. We grew our brand over time to include a world of pieces that amplify the authentic voices of the individuals who wear our clothes. We still believe in the same principles we started with: the easy elegance of classic British tailoring, the authenticity of American workwear, and the originality of our home city, New York.

Our Values

Everything we design is made to last and is meant to matter to our customers for years to come. We stand by the idea that wearing something timeless, original and well-made will make someone feel better than wearing something that is ultimately disposable.

Quality Guaranteed

Make Shit That Means Something

There Are No Rules

Pursue Better

Be A Good Human